My fork of Suckless's DWM window manager
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Jonathan Hodgson 73ba8c61bf Pushing dwm changes 2 months ago
.gitignore Adds gitignore 5 years ago
LICENSE Prepare 6.2 release. 5 years ago
Makefile Makes `make clean` delete my config.h file 3 years ago
README update README: remove mentioning the old dextra repo 6 years ago Adds my readme 5 years ago
config.def.h Pushing dwm changes 2 months ago Applies the multikey patch 3 years ago
drw.c Fix memory leaks in drw 4 years ago
drw.h ColBorder has been moved to the enum with ColFg and ColBg. 6 years ago
dwm.1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 4 years ago
dwm.c Adds win+left or win+right to switch tag 3 years ago
dwm.png alternate dwm.png 18 years ago
fibonacci.c Applies the fibonachi patch 5 years ago
movestack.c Applies the movestack patch 5 years ago
tcl.c Adds tripple col layout 5 years ago
transient.c applied Peter Hartlichs nice interim Xinerama and map fix patches, for debugging purposes I also added his transient test driver 13 years ago
util.c die() on calloc failure 8 years ago
util.h import new drw from libsl and minor fixes. 8 years ago

My fork of dwm

This repo is my fork of the DWM window manager.

The upstream repo can be cloned here.

I will try to keep the upstream branch of this repo up to date with the repo maintained by the suckless team.

Any patches I apply on separate branches and merge into the master branch. Any configuration I make is done directly on the master branch.