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My Dotfiles

Use as you wish. Any code / scripts I have borrowed from other places should be credited in comments in the file. I currently use a fork of DWM as my window manager on Arch Linux, however, I don't think there is anything that is Arch specific.

My primary editor is vim neovim. You can see the relevent configuration in the nvim folder. I used to keep my vim configuration in a seperate submodule but that became more hassel than it was worth so it now all lives here.

My email client of choice is NeoMutt, although there are a plethora of tools that go along with it. If you are interested in how it all interlocks, I wrote a blog post about it:

I use GNU Stow to deploy my dotfiles. There is a helper script in the root of this directory called that runs the necessary stow commands.

Each folder contains the configuration related to a program / tool. In most cases, this folder is stowed meaning all of it's contents are symlinked to the same place in my $HOME directory. However, there are instances (only shells/zsh at the moment) when I don't want the whole directory to be symlinked. If the directory contains a sub-directory called STOW, only the STOW directory is stowed.

The folder LEGACY is for things that I no longer use but might be of interest if you are the sort of person who likes looking at other people's dotfiles.

The folder NOSTOW is for things that I don't manage with stow. This includes a submodule for my DWM fork and configuration files that live outside my home directory.