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Source code for my website

This is the source code for my website: https://jonathanh.co.uk.

The site is built from markdown using pandoc.


There is a bash script, build.sh, that creates the necessary files in a public_html folder.

This can then be hosted on any hosting service.

The script takes the following commands:


build.sh clean

This will remove the contents of the public_html folder and the tmp folder the script uses to store things like the tag list


build.sh tags

This will build the taglist which is used internally and stored in the tmp folder as well as creating archive pages for each tag


build.sh blog

This will build the blog pages for any blogs that have been modified since the last time blogs were built


build.sh index

This will generate the homepage.


build.sh card

Generates my curlable business card.


build.sh rss

Generates my rss feed.


build.sh all

This will generate the tags, the blogs, the index, the RSS feed and the card.


To run locally, make sure docker and docker-compose are installed then run docker-compose up. You will be able to access the site at http://localhost:8080.