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field manager="Manager"
field title="Title"
view CONTACT = name, email, title, manager
view PHONE = phone, workphone, mobile
view ADDRESS = address, address2, city, state, zip, country
view OTHER = nick, url
set preserve_fields=all
# Preserve any unknown field while loading an abook database
set preserve_fields=all
# Automatically save database on exit
set autosave=true
# Format of entries lines in list
set index_format=" {name:22} {email:40} {phone:25|workphone|mobile} {title:30} {manager:22}"
# Show all email addresses in list
set show_all_emails=true
# Command used to start mutt
set mutt_command=mutt
# Return all email addresses to a mutt query
set mutt_return_all_emails=true
# Command used to print
set print_command=lpr
# Command used to start the web browser
set www_command=w3m
# Address style [eu|us|uk]
set address_style=uk
# Use ASCII characters only
set use_ascii_only=false
# Prevent double entry
set add_email_prevent_duplicates=true
# Field to be used with "sort by field" command
set sort_field=name
# Show cursor in main display
set show_cursor=false