Small changes to tridactylrc

Added hover binding
Added hints for protonmail
Added some settins to disable pocket by default
Jonathan Hodgson 6 months ago
parent c79b988a57
commit de61b97b5b
  1. 9

@ -81,13 +81,20 @@ bind <space>Y openvidLink
bind <space>g composite js "git clone " + document.location.href | clipboard yank
bind <space>G composite js "git clone " + document.location.href.replace(/https?:\/\//,"git@").replace("/",":").replace(/$/,".git") | clipboard yank
bind <space>c composite hint_focus; !s xdotool key Menu
bind <space>h hint -F e => e.dispatchEvent(new MouseEvent('mouseover', {}))
" Makes link hints only hint links on duck duck go
""bindurl ^ f hint -Jc [class=result__a]
""bindurl ^ F hint -Jbc [class=result__a]
" Protonmail hints
bindurl f hint -Jc .item-subject,.item-checkbox,.navigation-link,.toolbar-button
autocmd DocStart .*github\.com.* zoom 150
autocmd DocStart .*gitlab\.com.* zoom 150
autocmd DocStart .*archlinux\.org.* zoom 150
setpref browser.pocket.enabled false
setpref extensions.pocket.enabled false
setpref toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets true