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Various changes to muttrc

Jonathan Hodgson 2 years ago
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@ -7,14 +7,18 @@ set header_cache = ~/.cache/mutt
# imap_user, imap_pass, realname and from
source ~/.config/mutt/work-email.secret
# Using davmail to interface with exchange
set folder = "imap://"
set spoolfile = +INBOX
mailboxes = +INBOX
set use_from = yes
# Davmail again
set smtp_url="smtp://$imap_user:$imap_pass@"
# This communication is only between mutt and davmail (all on local computer) so ssl is not necesary
# SSL / TLS is used between davmail and exchange server
set ssl_force_tls = no
set ssl_starttls = no
@ -22,14 +26,27 @@ set sort = threads
set sort_aux = reverse-last-date-received
set date_format="%y/%m/%d %I:%M%p"
set forward_format = "Fwd: %s" # format of subject when forwarding
set forward_quote # include message in forwards
set include # include message in replies
set forward_quote = yes # include message in forwards
set include = yes # include message in replies
set editor = "vim +':set textwidth=0'"
set include = yes
# Use nvim but don't force text width (looks terible if read on a phone)
set editor = "nvim +':set textwidth=0'"
set new_mail_command = "notify-send 'New Email'"
#set sendmail = "/home/jonathan/.bin/emails/send-from-mutt"
# Puts email headers in Vim
set edit_headers=yes
# Go straight to vim when writing an email
# Means that we will not be prompted for to / subject before opening email
set autoedit=yes
# Don't show + on wrapped lines
set markers=no
# Wrap lines at 78 chars
set wrap=78
# Makes escape key cancel inputs. Normally it's ctrl+G (weird)
set abort_key = "<Esc>"
set mailcap_path = "~/.config/mutt/mailcap"
@ -37,12 +54,32 @@ auto_view text/html
auto_view application/pgp-encrypted
alternative_order text/plain text/enriched text/html
macro attach 'V' "<pipe-entry>cat >~/.cache/mutt/mail.html && qutebrowser ~/.cache/mutt/mail.html && rm ~/.cache/mutt/mail.html<enter>"
macro attach 'V' "<pipe-entry>pipebrowser<enter>"
macro pager U "<enter-command>set pipe_decode = yes<enter><pipe-message>urlscan -dc -r 'linkhandler {}'<enter><enter-command>set pipe_decode = no<enter>" "view URLs"
bind index R imap-fetch-mail
# Macro to toggle alternates (plain <-> html), based on:
macro pager ,@aoh= "<enter-command>unalternative_order *; alternative_order text/html text/plain text/enriched; macro pager A ,@aot= 'toggle alternative order'<enter><exit><display-message>"
macro pager ,@aot= "<enter-command>unalternative_order *; alternative_order text/plain text/enriched text/html; macro pager A ,@aoh= 'toggle alternative order'<enter><exit><display-message>"
macro pager A ,@aoh= "toggle alternative order"
#Make R fetch imap emails
bind index R imap-fetch-mail
# Vim like jumping to start and end
bind index,pager g noop
bind index G last-entry
bind index gg first-entry
bind pager G bottom
bind pager gg top
bind pager j next-line
bind pager k previous-line
bind index r group-reply
bind pager r reply
bind pager R group-reply
# Use contact lookup funnction for contacts
set query_command = "/home/jonathan/Contacts/lookup | grep '%s'"