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# Source code for my website
This is the source code for my website: <>.
The site is built from markdown using [pandoc](
There is a bash script, [](/jab2870/Website/src/branch/master/, that creates the necessary files in a `public_html` folder.
This can then be hosted on any hosting service.
The script takes the following commands:
### Clean
```bash clean
This will remove the contents of the public_html folder and the tmp folder the script uses to store things like the tag list
### Tags
```bash tags
This will build the taglist which is used internally and stored in the `tmp` folder as well as creating archive pages for each tag
### Blog
```bash blog
This will build the blog pages for any blogs that have been modified since the last time blogs were built
### Index
```bash index
This will generate the homepage.
### All
```bash all
This will generate the tags, the blogs and the index
## Docker
To run locally, make sure docker and docker-compose are installed then run `docker-compose up`. You will be able to access the site at <http://localhost:8080>.