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IMAPAccount work
# Address to connect to
Port 1143
# To store the password in an encrypted file use PassCmd instead of Pass
PassCmd "pass email/work"
# Only the connection to davmail (localhost) is unencrypted
# If you are not using a
SSLType None
AuthMechs LOGIN
IMAPStore work-remote
Account work
MaildirStore work-local
# Copy folder hierarchy
Subfolders Verbatim
# The trailing "/" is important
Path ~/.mail/work/
Inbox ~/.mail/work/Inbox
Channel work
Master :work-remote:
Slave :work-local:
# Include everything, except Sync Issues
Patterns * !'Sync Issues' !'Sync Issues/*'
# Automatically create missing mailboxes, both locally and on the server
Create Both
# Save the synchronization state files in the relevant directory
SyncState *